WhatsLog - Online Offline Notification - How to Use WhatsLog APK

Today we will tell you one such amazing trick of WhatsApp so that whenever a friend of yours comes online on WhatsApp, you will get a notification and as soon as your same friend is offline, you will also get a notification.

If you also want to bring this amazing setting in your WhatsApp, then read the article from the beginning to the end very carefully and after reading this article completely, you will know how we are on WhatsApp whenever our friend online Or offline then how will we get its notification

Friends, as you all know, we do not find any option or feature inside WhatsApp in which we can know when our friend comes online on WhatsApp and when is offline.

To bring this setting in your WhatsApp, you have to download an application in your mobile. The name of the application is WhatsLog. You can download this application from the Play Store in your mobile and one click below to download Hair to download You can download this application in your mobile by clicking on it.

What is WhatsLog application.
WhatsApp is an Android application that you can use in your WhatsApp, if you truck any of your friend's number by putting it in this application, whenever your friend comes online on WhatsApp or as soon as it is offline. You will get a notification of that as soon as your friend comes online on WhatsApp, 2 seconds after that you will get a notification WhatsLock. Will come from fees and offline with your friends as you can you it will be a notification that use this application to track your friends.
What's log application name and icon.

App name whatslog online last seen notification.

How do I create a log file?
How do I access application logs?
Is used for logging purposes?
What is log application?

How to use whatslog application.

1. First of all, download the Whatslig application in your mobile from Google Play store or click on the download link given below and download the WhatsApp application in your mobile.
2. After downloading the application, install and bonfire all permissions and after that you have to accept the term and condition and you will get to the main page of this application।
3. In the Whats People application, you will find 1 plus button on the top, you have to click on it and you will be asked there on which social media network you want to track your friend, like WhatsApp Telegram or you can still You can select it according to that, after that you will be asked to enter your friend's number, then you enter your friend's number there, after that you have to give your two Enter the name of the person so that whenever your friend comes online, your friend's name also appears in the notification, after that you have to click on the track below and that's all done, now whenever your friend comes online on WhatsApp You will get his notification 
4. In this application you can track more than one number of your friends. This application is not free. You will be given the first trial version of this application. If you like this application, you can also subscribe to it.

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Whatslog is:
* Exact online / offline intervals
* Up to 10 profiles of each network
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* Faster support service

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