How to Run Ads On Instagram [2023]

If your target audience is on the platform, the perfect ad can capture their attention, generate leads, and, eventually, boost your income. However, advertising on Instagram involves more than just sharing a beautiful photo.

To mention a few, you must create campaigns, target the correct demographic, create a budget and posting schedule, and track results. To make things easier, In this article, we will discuss how to run ads on instagram. we’ve put up a checklist to help you set up a campaign one step at a time.

How to create Instagram ads 

Instagram and Facebook have been seamlessly integrated since their acquisition by Facebook. Not only can one connect their Instagram and Facebook accounts, but they can also create Instagram Ad campaigns directly from the Facebook Adverts Manager.

To begin creating your first Instagram ad, sign in to your Facebook Ad Account, go to your advertising manager, and create a new campaign.

Step 1: Determine your ad objective.

The first step in designing an Instagram ad after creating a new campaign is to select your objective.

If you select an inappropriate purpose, such as generating a traffic ad for a video or a sales ad for an Instagram placement, Facebook will most likely reject your ad.

Step 2: Give your Instagram marketing campaign a name.

You will name your campaign after setting your ad objective. This is the most effective approach to keep track of your advertising in the ads manager. You will then define campaign information and any unique categories that apply.

You can also begin a split test for several ad versions and determine whether to optimise your spending across ad sets. If you choose Advantage Campaign Budget, the platform will disperse your ad budget throughout your ad sets automatically. You can also assign funding for each ad set manually.

Step 3: Choose a design for your advertisements.

You can create your own advertisements or choose “Dynamic creative” to have the advertising manager create them for you. If you go that way, you’ll submit the various ad elements—for example, photos, CTAs, and ad copy—and the advertising manager will test several designs.

Step 4: Select your optimization and delivery methods.

Select how you’ll be paid when you run ads.

Step 5: Determine your advertising budget and timeline.

When you promote on Instagram, you have complete control over when and how much you spend.

First, decide between a daily and a lifetime budget. Daily budgets enable your advertisements to run eternally while spending up to your daily budget (you can still select start and end dates), whereas lifetime budgets allow your advertising to run for a predetermined period of time.

You can specify a precise schedule for your ads if you choose a lifetime budget. Maybe you only want them to display on weekdays or weekends. You can manually select the days and hours when your ads will show for your target demographic.

Step 6: Identify your audience.

Now comes the exciting part! Your Instagram advertising campaign will be optimised by targeting your audience.

You don’t want to spend money by attempting to target everyone. This is your chance to really understand the demographics, interests, and behaviour of your brand’s target audience.

Step 7: Select your ad placements

This is where you’ll choose where your ad will appear. Uncheck Facebook and choose Audience Network if you just want to promote on Instagram.

Step 8: Select an Instagram ad format.

When you’ve finished the final three stages, click continue to return to your ad creation dashboard. Upload your content, create your ad copy, and publish your ad here. That’s it your ad is live now.


So, this is all about how to run ads on instagram. There is no denying Instagram’s popularity and reach considering that it has more than 1 billion active users per month.

In fact, it has grown into the preferred location for businesses to communicate with the people they serve. However, in order to get the most out of your advertising budget, it is vital to appropriately set up your ad campaigns and continue to improve them even after you have clicked the “Publish” button.

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